Barlow on getting older and smarter

Reason has a interesting interview with John Perry Barlow. The topic starts out about Barlow’s coming appearance on Discovery Channel as a subject in a reality show on the aging of the Boomers, but it always seems to get around to intellectual rights. These are vital issues for discussion in a “free society”.

I get pilloried for saying this — “Oh, Barlow thinks the Grateful Dead model ought to extend to the world” — but I don’t see any reason why it can’t. It worked for us and it has worked for everyone else I’ve ever seen try it. I think that what we stumbled into was a real deep — we didn’t know it at the time — a deep quality of how an information economy works. We really did just stumble into it. We just decided it was morally shaky to toss people out of concerts just because they had tape recorders. It’s bad for your karma to be mean to a Deadhead.

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