WordPress 1.5

I took the plunge today and upgraded to WordPress 1.5. The only hassles came from my not having kept the Kubrick template up-to-date. Otherwise, a very smooth process. Congrats to all the WP crew — a really nice product. The code is much easier to tweak. Many nice adjustments and improvements throughout. The Dashboard makes using WP a fun experience. And that’s why we do it…right? Anyways, there might be “theme experimentation” going on here for a few days, so don’t be alarmed.

Under $100 Notebook?

MIT Media Labs’ Nicolas Negroponte says he is developing an under $100 notebook, as reported by the BBC. The cost savings would come from hacking the display and just generally “getting rid of the fat”. And yes, it would run Linux.

“We have to get the display down to below $20, to do this we need to rear project the image rather than using an ordinary flat panel.”