Get Free – It’s Easy!

Free replacements for many commercial apps are already available. Here is a good list to help you get started looking, once you have your basic Linux system up and running. (Some of these apps will already be bundled with many distros!) If you don’t find it in the list, freshmeat and sourceforge are your friends. A more complete list is available at the advocacy site, Open Source As Alternative.

As Fall arrives, check out Spring!

Find out what it takes to migrate Struts applications to Spring MVC.
Spring MVC has gained steady adoption and Java developer attention. The highly popular Spring framework (with Spring MVC as its core component) is nicely designed, productive, and innovative, so many Struts users undoubtedly will investigate Spring MVC as a replacement framework for Struts.

Under $100 Notebook?

MIT Media Labs’ Nicolas Negroponte says he is developing an under $100 notebook, as reported by the BBC. The cost savings would come from hacking the display and just generally “getting rid of the fat”. And yes, it would run Linux.

“We have to get the display down to below $20, to do this we need to rear project the image rather than using an ordinary flat panel.”