WordPress 1.5

I took the plunge today and upgraded to WordPress 1.5. The only hassles came from my not having kept the Kubrick template up-to-date. Otherwise, a very smooth process. Congrats to all the WP crew — a really nice product. The code is much easier to tweak. Many nice adjustments and improvements throughout. The Dashboard makes using WP a fun experience. And that’s why we do it…right? Anyways, there might be “theme experimentation” going on here for a few days, so don’t be alarmed.

Hello to All

Being the first post, I should introduce myself. My name is Steve Squier and I am a linux user, programmer and aficionado; I hope all of these roles can be represented and discussed here. Two areas I try to follow are the use of linux in small business and its adoption in education. I’d be interested in hearing about not-for-profit success stories also. I may touch on web standard design a little but mostly as I learn it. And so it begins..